AFK and onto Xbox

I am not much of an Xbox 360 player, but I have been wrapped up in Fable 2 and 3. It was Valentine’s Day Dutch and I decided to skip a movie after our romantic dinner and play a video game the rest of the day. Well it turned to one week then two… almost 3 weeks then BOOM! Our game had a bug. We couldn’t progress in Fable 2. The glitch was during the quest “Love Hurts” I couldn’t turn in the head! A bunch of forums post the same problem but there is no solution but starting your game over. Sigh…

Instead of buying Fable 3 for 60 bucks we rented from the blockbuster destroyer… Red Box …. Yay! Only four days of game play and we beat it… twice ( it is 2 dollars a night for games to rent). I had made a female character and Dutch made a male and we got married and had a baby in-game.

The games themselves are similar to each other. Fable 3 is a better game mostly because it didn’t bug out. There are side quest to do as in Fable 2 once you beat the game or before. The side quest are enjoyable with great humor that will keep you playing. The map and inventory system is greatly improved in Fable 3 and there are more choices for home decorations. The Co-op is quite better in Fable 3. I am not sure if you could gift gold in Fable 2 but I know you can in Fable 3 :D. We may buy Fable 3 to finish the achievements when it goes down in price. Until then my Hero is saved on my Xbox 360 and my Fable 2 Hero is waiting for a miracle patch.