Mandalay Aquarium

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Defiantly spend the extra money on an audio guide. Informative and interesting, this underwater treasure is located in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. The Shark Reef Aquarium is home to over 2,000 animals living in over a million gallons of water. Who said there wasn’t any water out here in the Las Vegas desert!

Ticket are $16.95 for adults, children under 12 are $10.95 and children under 4 are free. They are open Sunday – Thursday 10am-89pm, Friday and Saturday they open at 10am until 10pm.


The aquarium also features a tunnel where one can get a “diver’s point of view”. This video is a little dark but you tell the animals are above us. I was happy to see two green sea turtles. We searched and searched the waters for about 15 minutes before I caught them. Its sad to note all sea turtles are endangered.
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Bite of Vegas

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Las Vegas
October 17, 2009 My boyfriend and I were invited to the Bite of Las Vegas at Desert Breeze Skate Park. Mix 94.1 hosted the one day event. We valeted our car and we hardly waited in line. The Bite of Las Vegas caters to $8 admission and food was $1-$5. How great is that?
We wondered around trying various foods until we found our friends. Train was suppose to be one of the bands who played, but they cancelled last minute.

The weather was prefect and the line where not bad. We valeted out car so parking was not a problem for us. The only thing I would change is the length of the event should be longer. I would like to see a whole weekend dedicated to the Bite of Las Vegas.
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Bodies: The Exhibition

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The reason we stopped smoking… Bodies: The Exhibition.
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Bodies: The Exhibition in my opinion is disturbing. There were people there who claimed to know about the bodies… but I am not so sure they really cared and the audio tour was crap. The exhibit themselves were informative if you enjoy lots of reading. As we went deeper into the exhibit we started questioning the lives of these”models”. Wondering if this is what they thought there bodies would turn into. Awkward poses, sawed in half, and gawked at. I felt uncomfortable, almost haunted, if there is such a feeling. When it all ended we were greeted by these cards.
The best part of the exhibition was the actual realization of death, disease, and the fact we where looking at real dead people. During our visit, Russ noticed on one wall quotes painted ” On average, a pack of cigarettes takes away three hours from your life.” He did the math and figured he should be dead by now. With our choice to possibly extending our lifespan by not smoking we did the logical thing and quit. Never before was it illustrated so clearly then by the writing on the wall among the dead. If you are a smoker please go see this exhibition, you’ll never look at life the same.

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July 2009 and the Counting Crows at Red Rock

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July 2009

This is my first post.


Dutch and I have been dating for one year. Today he is treating me to a Counting Crows concert at Red Rock Hotel and Casino. I’ve always like the Red Rock. I always feel special visiting this local destination. The rooms are beautiful. There is a movie theater, arcade, day spa and all of the things you would expect a resort to have.
The Counting Crows are a delight live. I only wish the resort provided chairs for the concert. All of the familiar classic were played and Adam Duritz entertained us with tabloid stories. You will have to see them for yourself if you want to know the juicy gossip.
 A weekend forever embedded to the internet now.





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