March 2012 First Friday and a visit to Insert Coins


I love going to First Friday. Downtown Las Vegas has become one of the hottest spots for artist, entertainers, the tech savvy and Vegas locals. This First Friday a DJ and his dancers rocked one street while a live band invoked a dance circle around the corner. The local vendors had all sorts of goodies to sell and sample. Grab a cup of  Las Vegas inspired coffee or buy a  handmade candle. There are free galleries to visit and affordable art for purchase from prints to originals. Support the Las Vegas local artists, First Friday is every first Friday of each month.

Handmade candles.

DJ and Dancers with some kind of spaceship party bus?
Gotta love it. If I were only brave enough to venture within.

The line to get into Insert Coins was really long due to the First Friday event. Being a gamer and having once worked for Jillian’s in Washington, I had high hopes for Insert Coins. Unfortunately the place was loud, dark, small and had numerous broken machines. There was only one working pinball machine we played with friends only to find the scoring was off or maybe I’m just naturally awesome at pinball and no one wanted to continue playing me. Whatever the issues, we thought our money would be spent better at any one of the numerous arcades throughout Vegas. Insert Coins has potential to be a neat little weekday hang out, the weekends are just too busy to be enjoyable and the amount of broken machines that were there was disappointing.

Random drunk peeps.
The bar at Insert Coins, video games to be played from above screens.
The only working pinball machine.