Missouri in August s funny little story

Columbia, Missouri 2010

Dutch and I had plan for this trip months in advance. We planned to stay a week and celebrate Dutch’s mother’s birthday. The flight from Las Vegas was fast. Did you know the Las Vegas airport has free internet access? It was a pleasant surprise, because like an old couple we arrived at the airport over two hours early. I sat and watch Futurama, and Dutch played Magic the online card game.

” I am bender, please insert girder.”

Our plan was to get a goodnight sleep visit Dutch’s mom and explore Missouri. Well, being it Dutch’s home town we had to go get drinks. One drink lead to another and we were wasted. Dutch was have an excellent day winning a prop bet here and there. He was very much up for the evening and the bar tender at 5th Down was really nice to us, hooking us up with some free shots. After testing our strength on a automated punching bag game and dodging a bar fight Dutch set up a after hour pool game. I was in charge of the jukebox. When we finally made it home thanks to our designated driver Chloe 🙂

What a fantastic day… until we realize all of our money was gone!. Upset and drunk we passed out.

The Next day…

My head ached and we both swore never to drink in excess again. We searched and searched. We called the bar just in case and we even watched the security video from last night, but there was nothing really to provide anything. I kept on seeing things on the video which looked like someone had pick pocketed him, but nothing was clear enough to accuse anyone. For about three hours we searched and thought of suspects. Ryan Tapen a friend of ours and also drinking with us was convinced we hid the money somewhere. Chloe said we were falling down all over the place, so we checked the yard. Nothing. We felt awful we wanted to fly back home to Vegas, but instead we slept all day.

After our horrible loss, and sleep we finally felt better to visit Dutch’s mom. I got up and picked out what I was going to wear. Dutch called his mother to make plans. I looked in my bag for a razor to shave my legs and found a hundred dollar bill… I follow the money in my bag and there it was! lol Did we hide it?